Buy Oculus Rift

Buy Oculus Rift

You want to buy Oculus Rift cv1 right now?
To make a purchase you have to contact us:
Tel.number: +7 (916) 956-96-65
You can get a delivery of you order free of charge at the same day you book Oculus Rift. (only for citizens of Moscow)
To buy the Oculus Rift from other country there is EMS courier delivery, after the departure than you will be given a tracking number to track the origin of your order.
Payment PayPal then we ship the order.


The kit consists of:
— Stylish case.
— VR Glasses with comfortable adjustable elastic for comfortable use.
— Control board
— Analog stick xbox one
— Set of cables, adapters for the supply system.
— The camera head position tracking.
— Set video cables HDMI, adapter DVI-HDMI.
— USB cable.
— Cable to connect the camera.
— FAQ.


Oculus Rift costs 740 USD. (Free shipping)


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What is the purpose to by Oculus Rift?
The modern world is so rapidly developing structure, is due to including the invention of new devices. Sometimes these devices start to occupy in our life one of the key positions. One of these devices will soon become a head-mounted display. That is the dream of gamers in the early 90s, but at that time did not allow technology to design of the product is worth. Time does not stand still with the development of computer technology it has become possible to create a truly revolutionary product. To keep pace with rapidly evolving progress in the world of gadgets and keep pace with the times just need to meet you can buy glasses Oculus Rift.
In the near future, virtual reality will gain in popularity. Many applications and games are already using support of Oculus Rift. A huge number of developers interested in transferring their mega hits. In past games can be used in many other spheres of human activity. It can be like watching movies with a visit to the cinema, visiting virtual museums, art exhibitions, the development of new applications, modeling, design, viewing 3D movies, watching 360-degree videos, creating a virtual reality attraction. There is a huge potential of VR glasses and it will be only grow.

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